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  1. Treatment for Stimulant Addiction

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    What can be classified as a stimulant? A stimulant can be an illegal substance or prescription medication, which is used to boost cognitive function and alertness of an individual’s central nervous system. A stimulant can be taken orally, snorted or injected. Some examples of stimulants are Cocaine, Crack Cocaine and Crystal Meth, which are perhaps the most notorious. These illegal stimulants produce effects nearly identical to prescription drugs, except they have a shorter life and produce a much more intense high. Some examples of prescription stimulants are Adderall, Steroids and antidepressants.

    Stimulant Use

    Why do individuals abuse stimulants? Simply put, stimulants produce a significant increase in the levels of dopamine in the brain, which leads to the individual feeling effects such as euphoria, energy, decreased appetite and wakefulness. However, when an individual continues to use and abuse stimulants, they can develop a dependence on it that can turn into addiction, and also suffer severe damage to the brain and their general health.

    Stimulant Addiction Treatment

    The first and most difficult step in recovering from an addiction is making the decision to stop using the drug. Once the individual has made that decision, they can rest assured that they have many options for treatment. Some treatment options for stimulant addiction are:

    Inpatient Treatment

    The United States has a multitude of treatment centers across the country specialising in beating addiction. These centers are not merely for those individuals who are struggling with an addiction to illegal drugs, but also those hooked on prescription stimulants.

    Detox from Stimulants

    Detoxing from the drugs is the first step to treating an addiction. A detox typically lasts up to a week, but could last longer depending on how severe the individual’s addiction is. An individual who has been abusing stimulants for a longer period of time and in increasing doses will take longer to detox. The time taken for detox also depends on which drug the individual has been abusing. For example, individuals who are addicted to Cocaine go through detox quicker, than those addicted to Adderall. During detox, the individual can expect to experience withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, depression, disturbed sleep, headaches and fatigue.

    Medical Treatment

    So far there haven’t been any pharmaceutical drugs formulated for the treatment of stimulant addiction. However, there have been some studies which show that there are certain drugs which have the potential to reduce cravings and help recovery. Prozac and Naltrexone are two such drugs.

    Withdrawal can be very unpleasant and the chances of the individual relapsing are very high. It is recommended that the individual seeks professional medical advice before trying to quit taking prescription stimulants.

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I first met Sayeh in November of 2013 just after my 15 year old daughter had been admitted to a residential treatment program. As part of the program I was required to attend 2-3 AlAnon meetings a week. Sayeh attended the same AlAnon meetings as well as Alumni events as I. It soon became apparent to me that Sayeh had a heart for recovery, program, and God. When I was encouraged to get a sponsor I didn’t hesitate. Dependable, respectful, kind and generous of spirit, she exudes an inner peace that I hope to achieve with her loving guidance, as I work my own program. She is patient, & full of wisdom that she is always happy to share with her sponsees and fellow parents. I am so grateful our journeys brought us together.

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