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  1. 10 Signs of Sexual Addiction

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    The negative signs of sexual addiction are not always apparent. Unhealthy sexual feelings, thoughts and behaviors may lead to self-destructive consequences. Sexual addiction can get in the way of many benefits healthy relationships provide. Learn how to identify the potential signs of sexual addiction and how to help a loved one who may be struggling.

    Progressive Addiction

    Many sexual activities can be red flags of sexual addiction. Addiction to sex can get a person in trouble in many ways, mostly because it is progressive in that it starts with one behavior and, over time, eventually engages in increasingly dangerous activities such as engaging multiple partners, looking for sex in public places or doing other things which may be detrimental including:

    • Avoidance of emotional involvement in sexual relationships
    • Having anonymous partners or extramarital affairs
    • Sexually acting out against personal values
    • Frequent use of pornographic materials
    • Phone and sex internet usage (which also racks up bills)
    • Participation in masochistic or sadistic seuxal practices
    • Seeking out multiple partners
    • Fixation on unattainable partners
    • Practice of exhibitionism
    • Inability to stop behavior on own

    Sex Addiction

    If sex addiction is suspected, it is best to contact a doctor, psychiatrist or sexual specialist for an assessment. It is possible to seek necessary help and intervention with the right support. Finding loved ones or therapeutic specialists can be helpful when getting an assessment. Finding help from the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Specialists or The Society for the Advancement of  Sexual Health is a good place to start. Treatment for sexual addiction is best supplemented by attendance at support group meetings including twelve step groups for sexual addiction.

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