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  1. Experience the Power of Positive Thinking in Recovery

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    The impact of a person’s thoughts are greater than anyone ever expects. Most people underestimate the power of positive thinking in recovery from addiction. Creating lives with every thought seems amazing but can take time to harness. Learn how to experience the power of positive thinking to aid in recovery.

    Boomerang Effect

    The boomerang effect, also known as the ‘law of attraction’ states that whatever is attracted into a person’s life is a direct result of what is thought about. Whatever is put out will come right back. This seems simple but it is difficult to practice for many people, especially those with enmeshed patterns of behavior such as those with addiction. Changing the way a person thinks can change the experiences a person has from negative thinking to feeling more positive about what is possible. Negative thoughts can become entrenched and are difficult to get rid of without consistent support.

    Negative Thinking and Recovery

    In 12-step programs, negative thought processes are often called ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ and include outward behaviors such as complaining, being judgmental, blaming and gossiping. As the steps are worked, encouragement becomes more powerful as people become aware of negative and positive thought patterns to see how thinking influences the quality of recovery. Being part of a 12-step program isn’t the only way to reap positive benefits. Teaching oneself to recognize positive aspects of one’s thinking and behavior can help develop emotional well-being which has a direct effect on the rest of a person’s life.

    Attitude of Gratitude

    One way to get started with harnessing the power of positive thinking is to become more grateful for what is present in a person’s life. The idea of gratitude is often choosing a topic in recovery that is important and useful. Learning to see life’s challenges as opportunities for positive growth can be helpful. Keeping a gratitude journal can be very helpful such as:

    • Keeping a list of 5-10 things to be grateful for each day
    • Being honest when writing
    • Reviewing the list everyday and finding what showed up and was positive rather than dwell on the negative

    Keeping a gratitude journal is just the beginning. Writing the list down can promote a positive awakening rather than dwelling on the negative. If a person still tends towards the negative, it can help to be aware of personal thoughts and behaviors to practice conscious thinking so as to adjust beliefs to focus on finding tools for positive behavior and living. Recovery from addiction takes a lifetime and is filled with lots of ups and downs but positive thinking can help individuals find peace and harmony with others and the self.


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