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  1. Depade Opioid Treatment

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    Depade Opioid TreatmentDepade is a brand of opiate antagonist that utilizes naltrexone as its main active ingredient to block an individual’s opiate receptors, thus rendering opioid products ineffective. Depade is not itself an opioid. It works by binding to an individual’s opiate receptors and preventing opioids themselves from binding to those receptors to create the euphoric effect that people who are addicted to heroin or prescription painkillers might crave. Unlike methadone or buprenorphine, which can only be prescribed by specially-licensed physicians, Depade can be prescribed by any doctor who has authority to write prescriptions.

    Depade Opioid Treatment

    Depade is not an opiate addiction treatment in and of itself. Rather, it is one tool that an addiction counselor will use in a coordinated treatment program to help opiate addicts to break that addiction. One-on-one counseling, support groups, and overall lifestyle changes will continue to play a significant role in recovering from opiate addictions. A recovering addict whose physician has prescribed Depade will need to maintain a high level of motivation to stay away from opiates. If he is still using any form of heroin or prescription painkillers, he will need to stop that use before starting on Depade. The best candidates for Depade are those recovering addicts who need assistance with handling cravings. When those candidates start using Depade, they find that they no longer get any positive reinforcement from opiates because Depade is blocking the opiate’s effects.

    Depade comes in tablet form and is generally taken orally every day until a treating physician determines it is no longer needed or that its side effects are too extreme. Those side effects include nausea and stomach distress, dizziness, headaches, joint pain, irritability and sleep disorders. Roughly ten per cent of all Depade users have had to stop using the drug because of these and other side effects. At a more extreme level, Depade users might experience liver damage, hallucinations, or confusion and blurred vision. Notwithstanding these side effects, a physician might opt to prescribe Depade because the alternative of having a patient sink deeper into opiate addiction is a far worse fate.

    Depade in Addiction Recovery

    Many opiate addicts will begin to use Depade when they are first in an inpatient recovery center, where their responses to this product can be closely monitored. Depade is also used in outpatient centers, where (again) recovering addicts will benefit from close monitoring by professional addiction counselors. If Depade works for them, they may get a prescription to continue using it when they leave the treatment program. At that time, the success of their long-term recovery is premised upon their continuing to use Depade in conjunction with ongoing individual and group therapy.

    For a number of reasons, some opiate addicts will reject the very concept of a medication-assisted recovery program. Those addicts will rarely, if ever, benefit from Depade therapy because their mindset is not aligned with the program. Other addicts will want whatever help is available, medical or otherwise, to break the cycle of addiction. Depade and other opiate antagonists might be the answer they are seeking.


    Please call Sustain Recovery Services at (949) 407-9052 for more information about Depade opioid treatment options. We can provide a confidential consultation and answer your questions about whether Depade is a good option for you.  

I first met Sayeh in November of 2013 just after my 15 year old daughter had been admitted to a residential treatment program. As part of the program I was required to attend 2-3 AlAnon meetings a week. Sayeh attended the same AlAnon meetings as well as Alumni events as I. It soon became apparent to me that Sayeh had a heart for recovery, program, and God. When I was encouraged to get a sponsor I didn’t hesitate. Dependable, respectful, kind and generous of spirit, she exudes an inner peace that I hope to achieve with her loving guidance, as I work my own program. She is patient, & full of wisdom that she is always happy to share with her sponsees and fellow parents. I am so grateful our journeys brought us together.

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