Marijuana is often seen as a recreational drug, one where anyone can use it and not become addicted. While this assumption may be true for many people, it’s not applicable to everyone. You can become addicted to marijuana with continued use, especially if you are using it to elevate your mood or suppress symptoms of anxiety.

Because marijuana is seen in a more positive light than other drugs, you may be unaware that you have an addiction or simply don’t know what those signs of addiction might be. But if you find yourself continually seeking out marijuana to help you get through the day, then an addiction might be on the rise.

Getting treatment is the best way to learn healthier coping mechanisms and realize that living your life is possible without a dependence on drugs. Once you have learned the necessary tools for adolescent sober living, you can receive teen extended care at Sustain Recovery, which will take the tools you have gained and help you apply them to life outside of treatment.

Developing a Marijuana Addiction

If you believe you have an addiction to marijuana, there may be several reasons why. Stress, genetics and mental health all play a role in the development of an addiction and it’s important to think about your susceptibility when taking recreational drugs.

A common issue that many teens face is a lack of resources that can help them find more positive ways to cope with stress. Teens who use marijuana, but don’t become addicted are likely to have more options for stress relief. They may know how to exercise, or hang out with friends and participate in extracurricular activities at school, which keeps them from reverting to drugs for stimulation.

However, if you don’t have the same access to healthy activities or you are not engaged with the rest of society, you may only find pleasure in marijuana, which leads you to smoke it consistently. This is particularly true if you also struggle with a mental health issue.

Drug use plays a big role in masking feelings of pain, anxiety and depression, but the more frequently you use drugs, the faster your body is able to build a tolerance against them, leading you to increase your intake in order to experience the same high.

Withdrawal symptoms also set in the more you smoke marijuana, and when the pleasurable effects of the drug wear off, those same anxious and depressed feelings return, but in a much greater quantity than they had initially, leading you to go back to the drug and alleviate the pain. It’s a vicious cycle that often leaves you feeling trapped.

Your Options After Inpatient Treatment

If you have received primary treatment at an inpatient facility or desire longer-term adolescent outpatient care, then Sustain Recovery is available to assist you. We are a teen extended care unit that provides a supportive and nurturing residential environment to help you continue your sobriety.

For many teenagers in recovery, it can be difficult to transition out of inpatient care, which is based on structure and support, to the real world, which can seem chaotic with change. The counselors and staff at Sustain Recovery help you prepare for life outside of treatment by creating personalized care plans that teach you the importance of common activities. Whether you are learning how to complete daily chores, keep up with your personal hygiene, prepare meals or maintain healthy coping mechanisms, you will be motivated to remain sober because you understand how to put it into practice.

Families are also encouraged to participate in recovery, as we believe that the family plays a large role in the success of teen sober living. Through family therapy, you and your loved ones will learn how to build a home environment that is safe, supportive and nurturing as well as a place that does not provoke relapse or provide negative influences.

Teens may also participate in:

  • Individual therapy
  • Support groups
  • Educational training
  • Music and cinema therapy
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Adventure learning
  • MMA boxing
  • And more

We believe that recovery should be encouraging, enlightening and fun, which is why we provide options that teens will enjoy. Our residential homes are also located in an area where younger communities are thriving, providing a positive way for you to get involved with likeminded individuals.

You will experience our therapeutic services in addition to our 12-step program, which we implement as part of our phase system. Your individualized treatment plan is also used in conjunction with the care plan from your primary inpatient treatment facility and includes treatment for co-occurring disorders as well. The goal is for you to be able to carry out your life every day in a positive and functional way so that you remain sober for life.

If you would like more information about our adolescent extended care services, contact Sustain Recovery at (949) 407-9052 to speak with one of our counselors.

The people at Sustain Recovery are truly passionate about their work. They put all their love, energy and spiritual strength in to it. They continue to support me today as I continue my ongoing journey in my personal recovery. I now have over a year of sobriety, my own apartment, a job, true friends and a support network that is always available to me. Although all that stuff is great, what matters most today is that I love myself and have the ability to love others. Thank you to all who had a hand and heart in Sustain Recovery

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