Hardest Part of Addiction is Admitting a Problem Exists

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Admitting a problem exists is part of the challenge of facing recovery. Until this happens, nothing else will progress to the next step. Find out what makes this step so difficult and how to overcome the barrier to success.

The Obvious Problem

When a person is facing addiction, it is harder to see personal issues from the inside rather than the outside perspective. It may just feel like a temporary money issue when others have long realized an individual has struggled to make ends meet for some time due to addiction. The personal perspective skews things in one’s own favor and it can feel like others are blowing everything out of proportion and trying to control the situation. This also makes it harder to admit a problem exists in the long term.

An Escape from Reality

Addiction is all about the escape. A person can be his or her own worst enemy but the addiction mindset delivers many excuses including a sense of entitlement about personal behaviors. There may be lots of hurt sitting in a person’s heart waiting for redemption and justification. Temporary relief from drinking or using drugs can feel like a trusted, reliable friend that is always available and provides the relief needed. A person will do all that is required to keep relief and reward system going. Pretty soon, a person will not be counted on to do or be much of anything because he or she cannot be counted on for some time. While it sounds nice in the interim, the price to be paid is quite high.

Better Off

Self respect quickly gets traded for drugs and alcohol. By the time addiction hits a low point, the individual is likely added mightily to the pain felt beyond what the original escape plan was to begin with. It may be hard to admit to others that this path was chosen above all else but it does not make a person stupid or foolish. It just means addiction claimed another victim for a time and now it is time to realize that addiction does not mean better off, more relief or an easier life. It simply complicates things until an individual decides to seek help and find hope in healing.

No one individual wants to believe life choices were incorrect and take personal responsibility for the pain caused to others. People try hard to avoid this issue which keeps individuals locked into addiction. Over time, a person will hopefully realize rehab shows the true reality of problems which can bring relief and possibility. It is never too late and rehab can work once the first step is taken of admitting a problem exists and seeking help for addiction.


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