Cocaine has become a widely popular drug among adolescents, whether the drug is used to stay alert during the day or for more recreational purposes. Cocaine is a stimulant that allows you to feel energetic, talkative and self-confident, but its short-acting qualities often lead to uncomfortable side effects that cause you to continue using the drug to maintain the same high.

What starts as experimental and fun can quickly turn into dependence. With withdrawal symptoms occurring almost immediately after the drug wears off, you are likely to continue using until you feel like you’re back to normal. Though you may use cocaine and think nothing will go wrong, your brain is being significantly impacted by the chemical imbalance cocaine creates, and as an adolescent, the chances of you becoming addicted are higher since your brain is still in its developing stages.

If you are continuously looking for a way to buy cocaine or even if you aware that you have a dependence on it, you could be on a road towards addiction. If you have a desire to become sober, we recommend that you seek treatment at a licensed facility that can safely taper you off the drug and help you return to a normal way of life. For intensive outpatient treatment or extended care services after your stay at a primary care facility, you can join Sustain Recovery, which will help prepare you for a life without addiction.

Cocaine Addiction in Teens

Cocaine is often viewed as a drug that can help you stay awake. It can help you study or make you more alert after a long day. Cocaine can also be used recreationally as a way to seem more sociable with friends.

However, cocaine is also highly addictive due to its ability to flood the brain with feelings of pleasure, but once the drug wears off, it can create debilitating effects such as depression, anxiousness, irritability and more.

When you use cocaine continuously, your brain becomes accustomed to the influx of pleasure and stops releasing those feelings naturally, making it completely reliant on the drug. Soon after, you may use cocaine to simply feel happy and continue to take it even when you experience its negative effects. This is the beginning of addictive behavior and only becomes more serious the more you continue to use.

Maintain You Sobriety with Extended Care

At Sustain Recovery, we provide you with the life skills you need to maintain sobriety outside of treatment. Whether you are coming to us from a primary care facility or think that you need longer-term care than what is usually provided, you will learn how to create structure and balance in everyday life.

Too often, teens coming out of recovery are unaware of how to apply the right coping strategies to their life at home. Additionally, much of the structure and support that is present throughout their treatment is unavailable outside of recovery, making it more difficult to maintain sober living.

At Sustain Recovery, we make your individual care plan as realistic as possible so that you feel ready for the real world. You will learn the importance of doing chores, making your own meals, grocery shopping, maintaining proper hygiene and more — all factors that you need to learn in order to lead an independent lifestyle.

Additionally, you will participate in our 12-step program, which we implement as part of our phase system. You can share stories and have discussions with other teens in recovery, find individuals who you can relate to, learn new coping strategies and stay motivated to get through recovery when you see your peers doing the same thing.

Other available activities include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Adventure learning
  • Educational training
  • Vocational training
  • Support groups
  • Family therapy
  • Music and cinema therapy
  • And more

We practice family therapy as a way to get everyone in your family unit on board with your recovery. Addiction impacts everyone you interact with, and not only is it important for you to learn how to cope and remain sober, your family and friends need to learn how to build a supportive environment for you outside of treatment. Each member of your family will learn better communication skills that will help you create healthier relationships overall.

The specifics of your treatment plan are discussed upon your arrival, and you will be assigned a personal counselor who will help you develop your life skills. Care will also be given to the plan that was created at your primary inpatient care facility, and you will receive treatment for a co-occurring disorder if one has developed. ‘

Our goal is to help you feel more confident about sober living so that you can become a productive member of society. If that sounds like what you are looking for in a treatment facility, then Sustain Recovery may be the right place for you. For more information about the adolescent extended care services that we provide, contact Sustain Recovery at (949) 407-9052 and speak with one of our counselors.

Sustain Recovery changed my life in a way I never considered remotely possible. I arrived in a place where I knew nobody. Sustain Recovery gave me tools so that I never had to be alone again. I learned how to live like an adult and have genuine relationships with other human beings. I gained a sense of self respect, love, and pride from the challenges I was given by staff. I was able to work through the recent loss of my father and I achieved my goal of not taking any psychiatric medication.
I learned that life is an endless balancing act. I have to continually work on myself and my relationships with the people in my life. The staff at Sustain Recovery are all incredibly experienced and spiritual. They were available to me whether I wanted their help or not. Through their efforts and experience, I experienced the inner workings of having an intimate, loving relationship with a loving creator.
Sustain Recovery is “home” for me. I discovered a loving, caring family that helped launch me to a place I would have never dreamed and, if I would have dreamed it, I would never have believed I would be able to accomplish it.

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