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Residential Treatment

Sustain Recovery is a treatment facility founded upon evidence-based clinical treatment modalities and best practice principles. We utilize a multifaceted process, integrating a balance of clinical interventions, 12 Step recovery and holistic modalities that provides adolescents a positive and loving environment where they can address their addiction and mental health needs. Our goal is to facilitate education, interpersonal awareness and behavioral change through continuity and proven recovery / mental health skill development or enhancement that supports learning and change.

Treatment Goals

Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Within 24 hours upon admission, each adolescent is seen by the medical doctor and psychiatrist to determine medical and mental health needs. A qualified addiction and mental health specialist completes a comprehensive bio/social assessment from which an Individual Treatment Pan is developed based on information from referral documentation, the adolescent, family, medical doctor, psychiatrist, and bio/social assessment. This information is used to identify areas in need of support and treatment goals to address mental health and recovery needs. Work towards meeting goals is completed through individual and group sessions with progress monitored and documented daily.

OCTLC, Inc. dba Sustain Recovery operates its services / programming consistent with State and Federal regulations, licensing expectations and recognized recovery / mental health principles / practices / protocols.

A Family Program

Any treatment would be incomplete without the inclusion of the families who suffer alongside their addict/alcoholic. Often family members become very ill from the ravaging effects of their loved one’s addiction. Specifically, the excruciating and paralytic condition parents find themselves in can be addressed and families can and do heal while the addict/alcoholic is transitioning. Weekly family therapy is mandatory for all families and provided in person or via approved electronic methods by a Masters Level LMFT.

More Info

At Sustain Recovery, we have observed repeated cases in which the drastic change from short-term intensive inpatient treatment to unstructured sober living or immediately returning back home has resulted in relapse. This is especially true for adolescents with co-occurring disorders, due to the difficult process of adjusting to the home environment without the use of drugs or alcohol, staying away from negative influences, and the lack of internal structure. As we see it, the structure that was imposed on the individual in addiction treatment (the clinical schedule), cannot be sustained without ongoing attention to structure. We know that when a resident comes into an Extended Care Treatment environment, which initially provides the same degree of structure as treatment, the necessary healthy living skills can be (re)introduced and utilized in “real time”, in the real world, with the support and safety net of the Sustain Recovery staff and community.

Many times the adolescents going through this experience have dropped out of school, have legal issues secondary to their substance use, and are without a safe and sober environment to live. The need for a more structured Extended Care geared towards adolescents that focuses on adult living skills, education, involvement in Twelve Step organizations and fun in recovery, is what is at the core of Sustain Recovery. As our residents are introduced to the opportunities to do worthwhile and esteem-able tasks, they develop self-worth and self-esteem.

Sustain Recovery changed my life in a way I never considered remotely possible. I arrived in a place where I knew nobody. Sustain Recovery gave me tools so that I never had to be alone again. I learned how to live like an adult and have genuine relationships with other human beings. I gained a sense of self respect, love, and pride from the challenges I was given by staff. I was able to work through the recent loss of my father and I achieved my goal of not taking any psychiatric medication.
I learned that life is an endless balancing act. I have to continually work on myself and my relationships with the people in my life. The staff at Sustain Recovery are all incredibly experienced and spiritual. They were available to me whether I wanted their help or not. Through their efforts and experience, I experienced the inner workings of having an intimate, loving relationship with a loving creator.
Sustain Recovery is “home” for me. I discovered a loving, caring family that helped launch me to a place I would have never dreamed and, if I would have dreamed it, I would never have believed I would be able to accomplish it.

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