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My name is Brian Goldstein and I am Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#115778) I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Chapman University in Orange, CA and completed my Master of the Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with and emphasis in marriage and family therapy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. I am interested in many aspects of the psychology field including clinical practice and research. My graduate research primarily focused on the investigation the impact of trauma on borderline personality disorder. Prior to my position at Mainstay Recovery, I completed my graduate training at Airport Marina Counseling Services in Los Angeles, CA, where I worked with a wide range of clients in a community mental health setting. After this, I worked as a Primary Therapist at Mainstay Recovery, which is an OP/IOP chemical dependence treatment facility in Costa Mesa, CA. After this I worked with Center for Discovery in Newport Beach, where I was a primary therapist and worked with both adolescents and adults who struggled with eating disorders and primary mental health. My most current position is with Sustain Recovery Services, where I work as a primary individual therapist and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) trauma therapist.

Having worked in residential, outpatient, and private practice settings, has given me a unique ability to offer support, compassion, valuable experience and a healthy relationship where a client can heal and grow in a way that is personalized to them. The focus of my work is providing therapeutic services to adolescent and adult individuals who struggle in areas including addiction, life transitions, anxiety, depression and trauma. I am incredibly passionate about helping clients discover new things about themselves and move towards their most authentic life.

I am incredibly passionate about helping clients discover new things about themselves and move towards their most authentic life. My approach is empathic, attentive, and thoughtful. I focus on creating a safe space by establishing mutual respect and trust. My comes from an attachment-based using an integrative approach consisting dynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, relational approaches, EMDR and sensorimotor psychotherapy.

    Sustain Recovery changed my life in a way I never considered remotely possible. I arrived in a place where I knew nobody. Sustain Recovery gave me tools so that I never had to be alone again. I learned how to live like an adult and have genuine relationships with other human beings. I gained a sense of self respect, love, and pride from the challenges I was given by staff. I was able to work through the recent loss of my father and I achieved my goal of not taking any psychiatric medication.
    I learned that life is an endless balancing act. I have to continually work on myself and my relationships with the people in my life. The staff at Sustain Recovery are all incredibly experienced and spiritual. They were available to me whether I wanted their help or not. Through their efforts and experience, I experienced the inner workings of having an intimate, loving relationship with a loving creator.
    Sustain Recovery is “home” for me. I discovered a loving, caring family that helped launch me to a place I would have never dreamed and, if I would have dreamed it, I would never have believed I would be able to accomplish it.

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